How do I know if I’m connecting to the real OnePlanet?

One of the most popular scams in the NFT space is a Phishing site. It arrives as a form of precisely copied website and attempts to entice users with seemingly harmless transactions. If you approve (or sign a transaction for) a transfer on this phishing site, you may assume that your funds and assets are immediately at risk.

Below are suggested approaches to ensure that you are connecting to the real OnePlanet.

  1. Make sure you are on the right website

    OnePlanet’s official domain is . The official domain includes the word ‘nft’ (without any spaces or special characters). If you are on a website that uses anything else, you are on a phishing site; please leave the site immediately.

  2. Visit links from our official Twitter or official Discord

    Scammers will create phishing links that look the same as our official links. Our official social channels are listed below.

    Last but not least, visiting OnePlanet from web search engines such as Google requires an extra care; occasionally, phishing sites may be exposed and even listed at the top of search results.

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