Why has my listing become invalid?

For those NFTs already listed on OnePlanet, below are the possible scenarios in which your listing becomes invalid and is no longer visible on our platform.

  • NFT has been sold due to accepting an offer before the listing is expired

  • The change of ownership occurred via transfer or sale on different marketplaces before the listing is expired

  • NFT has been locked due to usage on external applications such as games before the listing is expired

Please note that listings will not be automatically canceled even if their status is invalid. Those listings are still considered active even during the invalid period, until the list expiry you have set; they will be revalidated again once you re-acquire the ownership over the NFT.

The invalid listings must be manually canceled from the “Invalid Events” page where you can view and cancel the invalid listings.

Hence, OnePlanet does not recommend leaving any listings invalid unless there is a specific reason to do so; we advise you to cancel any listings immediately after they become invalid. Please be aware that we do not accept any responsibility and will not be liable for any unintended transactions on invalid listings.

To learn more about invalid events, please refer to How can I handle invalid events?

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