Why can’t I see my NFTs?

OnePlanet only displays NFTs from listed collections. NFTs from not listed collections do not appear on My Page on OnePlanet, though the item or collection still exists on the chain.

If NFTs from listed collections are not visible, please find below for common reasons.

1. Your crypto wallet is not connected properly

Sometimes your wallet extension and web browser might become a little out of sync. In this case, try the following steps.

  1. Make sure your browser and wallet extension is up to date

  2. If you are using more than two wallet extensions, make sure you are connecting with the correct wallet address

  3. Clear your cache and restart your browser

  4. Make sure your wallet is connected to Polygon mainnet

2. The transaction is not completed yet or failed

When there is heavy network congestion on the blockchain, it may take more time to complete the transaction than anticipated. Below are two common ways to monitor the status.

  1. Search your wallet address or transaction hash individually, on Polygonscan

  2. Click on the external link button supported by OnePlanet which directly links to transaction details page

In case of successfully completed transactions, the status is displayed as “success” as shown below; you can also view further transaction details on the same page.

3. Your NFT has been transferred outside of our platform

If your NFT has been sold or transferred outside of OnePlanet and the change of ownership has occurred, the item may not appear on My Page on OnePlanet since you no longer hold the item. Please take a look if there has been any activity that may accompany the transaction/transfer of your NFT.

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