How can I revoke token approvals on Polygon?

As you transfer or purchase NFTs on OnePlanet, token approval transactions are required to grant certain permissions for your wallet to interact with the smart contracts. These token approvals are required whenever you interact with a token or a contract for the first time. Such approvals incur one-time fees per token or contract and can fall into two categories below.

You may be able to revoke this approval on Polygonscan’s Token Appoval, if you don’t intend to use such a token again or in a near future. Below is the process to do so.

  1. Search your wallet address, and press “Connect to Web3” button to connect your wallet.

  2. Identify the token approval you would like to revoke, and then press “Revoke”

  3. Confirm the transaction to revoke the token approval. This will require a little amount of gas fees to sign the relevant transactions in your wallet.

Once you have revoked the token approval, your wallet no longer possesses the permission to interact with the smart contracts for the token. Hence, you must go through the same token approval process AGAIN if you wish to use such a token on OnePlanet.

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