How can I stay safe and protect my NFTs?

  1. Never share the private key of your wallet

    Your wallet’s private key should never be shared, since it grants full access to your funds or assets on your wallet. Neither OnePlanet nor any trustworthy individual or organization will ever ask for your private key. To learn more about private key, please refer to What is a crypto wallet?

  2. Make sure you are using the official wallet app or extension

    Make sure you are downloading a wallet app or browser extension directly from the provider’s website. If you’re uncertain, reach out to the provider to clarify.

  3. Never click on unknown links

    Stay vigilant when browsing websites and interacting with others on social media or Discord. Avoid clicking on ads, images, links, cold emails, or downloading any files sent by strangers. Attachments of all formats, including PDFs, may contain harmful viruses or malware.

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