What are gas fees?

What are gas fees?

Gas fees are payments to compensate for miners’ computing power required to process and validate transactions on a blockchain.

OnePlanet does not receive these fees and is not able to refund them. OnePlanet also does not control gas fees, nor does it profit from them.

On Polygon network, only ‘MATIC’ is acceptable for gas fees. When you make transactions, such as transferring or purchasing an NFT, you will need a little MATIC for the associated gas fees.

When are gas fees needed on OnePlanet?

Actions that Cost Gas

The actions below entail gas fee:

  • Approving currency(WMATIC/USDC) or collection (One-Time only);

  • Buying an NFT;

  • Accepting an offer;

  • Editing an order (Listing);

  • Canceling an order including an invalid event (Listing/Offer); (To learn more about invalid events, please refer to How can I handle invalid events?)

  • Transferring NFT to another address.

Gas-Free Actions

The actions below will not require paying gas fees:

  • Listing NFTs;

  • Making an offer.

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