Why has my offer become invalid?

On OnPlanet, you can make offers as long as there is a sufficient balance in your wallet. However, once your wallet does not have enough balance to cover the price of your offers, the relevant offers will automatically become invalid. The invalid offers will not be displayed on the platform, and you may find those by clicking the “Invalid Events” button on “Ongoing” tab in My Page.

Please note that offers will not be automatically canceled even if their status is invalid. Those offers are still considered active even during the invalid period, until the expiry you have set; they will be revalidated again once the balance on your wallet is replenished sufficiently enough to cover the price of your offers.

The offers must be manually canceled from “Invalid Events” page. You can view and cancel the invalid offers on “Invalid Events” page.

Hence, OnePlanet does not recommend leaving any offers invalid unless there is a specific reason to do so; we advise you to cancel any offers immediately after they become invalid. Please be aware that we do not accept any responsibility and will not be liable for any unintended consequences of invalid offers.

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