How can I accept an offer?

If you wish to sell the NFT at the offered price, below is the process to accept the offer on OnePlanet.

1. Accept the Offer

You can check the offers received either on the “Ongoing” tab in My page or on the NFT detail page. Click “Accept”.

2. Confirm the Transaction

As you click “Accept”, a modal will appear with the details of the offer. Check offer details again to confirm that this is the offer which you want to accept. If so, Click “Confirm”

3. Approve Collection

This process is required for granting a permission to access your NFT collection. This process only takes place ONCE for each NFT collection, and a little amount of gas fees are associated with this request. Please refer to Why is currency approval required? for further information on this process.

4. Confirm Sale

Lastly, you will be prompted to confirm the sale in your wallet. This is the last step to finalize the acceptance of the offer on the contract. This step must be completed every time you accept an offer, and a certain amount of gas fees are required to sign the relevant transactions in your wallet.

5. Sale Complete

The history of the sales will be visible on the “Activity” tab in My Page.

Your listing may become invalid when the NFT has been sold because of accepting an offer before the listing expiry. As the listing will not be automatically canceled even if its status is invalid, we advise you to cancel any listing immediately after it becomes invalid. Please be aware that we are not responsible for any unintended transactions on invalid listings.

To learn more about invalid events, please refer to How can I handle invalid events? and Why has my listing become invalid?

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