How do I list NFT for sale?

On OnePlanet, you can view all the NFTs you own on the “Collected” tab on My Page. These NFTs can be mainly categorized into three types.

  • NFTs listed for sale at a fixed price

  • NFTs not listed for sale, but received offer(s)

  • NFTs not listed for sale without any offer received

For those NFTs not listed for sale, below is the process to list them on OnePlanet.

1. Click "Sell"

Click the “Collected” tab in My Page, and select an NFT to list for sale

Go to the NFT detail page and click the “Sell” button

2. Enter details for your listing

Set the currency, price, and expiration period and click “Confirm”.

3. Approve Collection

This process is required for granting permission to access your NFT collection. This process only takes place ONCE for each NFT collection, and a little amount of gas fees are associated with this request. Please refer to Why is collection approval required? for further information on this process.

4. Confirm Listing

Lastly, you will be prompted to confirm the listing in your wallet. This is the last step to finalize the settlement of the listing. This step will not require paying gas fees.

5. Listing Complete

If a buyer purchases the NFT at the fixed price, you may receive the remaining proceeds excluding Platform Fees and Creator Royalty from the buyer. Please refer to What kind of fees are incurred in selling NFTs? for further information.

Visit My Page or NFT detail page to view the status of your listing.

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