How do I buy fixed-price NFTs?

1. Buy Now

Select the NFT listed for sale; this will bring you to the NFT Details page. On this page, click the blue “Buy Now” button.

Note that for NFTs that are not listed for sale, you may only be able to 'make offer', and 'buy now' is inactivated.

2. Confirm

Once you have clicked “Buy Now”, a modal will appear. Check the purchase information. If everything looks correct, press “Confirm”.

If you have insufficient balance, the “Confirm” button is inactivated. You may top up your funds by clicking “Add Funds”.

3. Approve Currency

This process is required for giving a permission to access your currencies. If you have selected to use USDC/WMATIC or any other ERC-20 tokens as a payment currency, you will need to approve currency the first time you purchase an NFT with USDC/WMATIC or any other ERC-20 tokens on OnePlanet. This process only takes place ONCE in case of making payments via USDC/WMATIC or any other ERC-20 tokens, and a little amount of gas fees are associated with this request.

You don’t need to go through this process if you are making payments with MATIC. This approving currency process is omitted if you have already granted a permission to your USDC/WMATIC or any other ERC-20 tokens.

4. Confirm Purchase

Lastly, you will be prompted to confirm the purchase in your wallet. This is the final step to finalize your transaction on the contract. This step must be completed every time you purchase an NFT, and a certain amount of gas fees are required to sign the relevant transactions in your wallet.

5. Purchase Complete

Once your transaction is completed, you can click the “Collected” tab in My Page to check your NFT. Please bear in mind that there might be a slight delay before the NFT you have just purchased becomes visible due to transaction processing time.

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