What are Locked NFTs?

NFT holders can technically lock their NFTs in smart contracts for particular purposes, such as in-game activities. Each NFT can be separately locked by a holder while the purpose of doing so may differ from a collection to collection. There are a couple of points to note with regards to Locked NFTs.

  1. Locked NFTs are not purchasable The locked NFTs are not subject to any purchase (i.e. non-purchasable). Though buyers are able to make offers at any moment on the locked NFTs, the holders cannot receive those offers nor can they list the locked NFTs for sale.

  2. Listing of Locked NFTs becomes invalid

    NFT may be locked due to treatment from external applications, such as games, before the listing is expired. In this case, such a listing becomes invalid and is not visible on our platform. You may find this invalid listing on the “Invalid Events” tab in My Page where you can view and cancel all the invalid listings. As the listing will not be automatically canceled even if its status is invalid, we advise you to cancel any listing immediately after it becomes invalid. Please be aware that we are not responsible for any unintended transactions on invalid listings. To learn more about Invalid Events, please refer to How can I handle invalid events?

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